Rewards you can use!

For every dollar spent on any services or products you earn 1 Treat Point. (excludes taxes, gratuities, shipping, and gift certificate purchases)

For every 50 points accumulated, you earn $10 in credit to be used towards any SERVICES. (Treat Point rewards cannot be used towards the purchase of products, gift certificates, gratuities, or cancellation fees, they can be used towards services only. They cannot be combined with any other discounts, promotions, or specials.)

*Treat Points are NON TRANSFERABLE. They can only be redeemed by the client that earned them.


Example: Come in for the Simply Sweet Ultrasound $149, you get a Heartbeat animal for $29. You earn 178 points. You now have $30 in service credit you can use at your next visit towards a massage for example!

After redeeming your Perfect Pregnancy Massage ($89) you apply your $30 in credit, so you only pay $59 (plus gratuity). You will still have 28 points left plus earn another 59 that day so you’re back to 87 points which is another $10 credit for next time.

You continue to accumulate and redeem. (Rewards cannot be redeemed on the same day earned)

Points are valid for 1 year from the date earned.

Earn 50 points (aka $10 credit) for every client you refer after they have had their first service of at least $50. New client must mention you as referring them at the time of booking their appointment, points are added to your account at the time of their first service.

Gift Certificates